Hour record

The attempt - One Hour Time Trial

The official patron for my record attempt event is Finnish Brain Association, Aivoliitto ry.

  • Time: Saturday, August 6th, 2016
  • Place: Nokian Tyres Test Track, Nokia, Finland
  • Event: Nordic Recumbent Championships 2016
  • Organized by: Recumbent Racing Finland ry
  • Timing authority: Gerard Arends, Netherlands
  • WRRA class: Trike (non-faired multitrack bicycle)
  • WRRA age group: Masters (50 years and ticking)
  • Officials: Gerard Arends, Teppo Mäkelä


The record attempt is done within a dedicated schedule slot between “public/open” 200 m and 1 hour races. The time trial will be photographed and filmed according to WRRA rules, probably so that we’ll have a car following 100 meters behind.

About the hour record

"The hour record is the record for the longest distance cycled in one hour on a bicycle from a stationary start. Cyclists attempt this record alone on the track without other competitors present. It is considered perhaps the most prestigious record in all of cycling. Over history, various cyclists ranging from unknown amateurs to well-known professionals have held the record, adding to its prestige and allure. There are several records, the most famous of which is for upright bicycles meeting the requirements of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)." Wikipedia

However, UCI rules do not accept recumbent bicyles nor tricycles at all. For recumbents, the records are ratified by World Recumbent Racing Association, WRRA. The land speed records for human powered vehicles (fully faired machines) are ratified by International Human Powered Vehicle Association, IHPVA.

Current records

  • UCI: 54.526 km / Bradley Wiggins on 7th June 2015 using 58x14 gearing, Lee Valley indoor velodrome
  • UCI Finland National Record: 45.980 km / Jussi Nummikko on 14th August 2015, Helsinki outdoor velodrome
  • IHPVA: 90.60 km / Sam Whittingham on 19th July 2009
  • WRRA recumbent bicycle: 50.529 km / Aurélien Bonneteau on 15th May 2009, indoor Bordeaux Velodrome du Lac
  • WRRA recumbent trike: hour record has not been recorded. Hopefully 2016 will change that.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." T. S. Eliot