My Gear


A little bit of history, how the prototype trike emerged

In late summer 2015 I contacted CARBONTRIKES and asked if they would be willing to customize a race trike for me. Then, while travelling via Stockholm, we organized a rendez-vous, a test ride, at their factory in Älvsjö. It was a rainy day, but nevertheless, I rode two hours on their demo trike, got lost (my speciality) and liked the trike a lot. However, I had some ideas about “racing features” for my future race trike.

So, after the test ride I told Lars and Mårten about my plans to set the Hour World Record and what I wished for a trike to be. They were surprised, but obviously liked my project - we spent most of the afternoon talking about the specs. Then, after two weeks they had already made some tests, gave initial figures of the attainable geometry and we agreed on building my trike.

The building has already started, I have received a photo of the handlebar proto (which I’m not allowed to publish), new plans and developments are going on - these guys are marvellous, they are really enthusiastic about their work. It is clear they really love what they do.

Unfortunately, there’s a production queue, so I have to wait until February to get my trike ready.

Specs so far

Base model is CARBONTRIKES Race SL, which will be modified:

  • Ultra light (non standard) and short front boom.
  • Ultralight frame monocoque, specced for my weight (65 kg).
  • Modified rear fork to lower the trike and to reduce the seat angle and aerodynamic resistance.
  • Modified ultra light and thin handlebar to give some ground clearance (needed because the rear of the frame will be hanging lower).
  • Ultra light, drilled seat pan.
  • Modified upper seat section to reduce the aerodynamic resistance even more.
  • Carbon cranks, shortened down to 130 mm (I’m using 130 mm cranks on my current trike and like them).
  • Front wheel diameter will be either 406 or 451 - not decided yet.
  • Rear wheel will be 622 with light aluminium rim.
  • All wheels will receive aero discs

In the end, the whole trike will be more or less a non-standard, one-off prototype. The weight of this machine will be a surprise - next to nothing, I think.


I’m a big fan of Scwalbe One tyres, and that’s what I’ll be using on the D-day, unless I can use the new Pro Ones - which are tubeless tyres, not available in 451 size at the moment.


Maybe, probably Crank Brothers Eggbeaters. Unless I can somehow get the Powertap pedals…

Rear derailleur and cassette

– Open –

Front derailleur and chainwheels

– Open –


Bar-end shifters, but what?


Shimano XTR disc brakes with short, two finger brake levers.


I currently have Casco Speedster, a semi-aero helmet with a visor. It’s a bit on a heavy side, so …