I have started a Trainerroad training plan.

Some time ago I noticed that my old Elite eMotion rollers are now supported by Trainerroad program. Decided to try it and bought the necessary ANT+ adapter for my laptop, installed the software and subscribed the service. Et voila!

Did my first FTP test and now I’m exercising on rollers. Took a plan which contains 8+ hours of training per week - it will be a hard schedule, but doable anyways, I believe. 4 weeks of base-training, then 8 weeks of Build phase and finally another 8 weeks of Specialty (that’ll be Time Trial for me, thanks!). I’ll have enough time for two such sets before August.

I’ll get the CARBONTRIKES race trike before the second set starts, so I think I’ll swap from eMotion rollers to CycleOps Fluid2 trainer by then. My current trike has 406 rear wheel, plus it’s equipped with SRAM DualDrive rear hub, so it can’t be installed on Fluid2.

There’s nothing wrong with eMotion rollers, but I feel that the Fluid2 will give more natural response to speed increase in sprints and the main benefit of eMotion rollers (balance training) is kind of waisted with a trike. I’ve reached 170 rpm cadence (and 100 kph speed) on full power sprints on rollers - that’s marvellously good training for someone like me, who has (had?) coordination problems.