I am Pekka Heimonen, 55 years old passionate cyclist. In one beautiful morning in August 2014 a stroke hit me at the front door of my house. It was the second one for me, but I was lucky, I’ve mostly recovered - once again.

I still have some imbalance issues, so instead of riding a normal upright bicycle, I now ride a recumbent tadpole trike. It’s a three wheeled recumbent “bicycle”, tricycle.

In summer 2015 I went to see Finnish Recumbent Racing Championships and decided to participate in 2016. Then I got an idea to attempt to make a Finnish national record, and as one thing leads always to another, my goal is now the WRRA One hour record. You can read more about this record from a dedicated page.

I have contracted CARBONTRIKES to build me a custom racing trike and currently following a training plan by TrainerRoad. I’m dead serious about this. To give things some perspective, I’ve written a page about my previous post-stroke cycling achievements.

Why, you ask

Trying to set a cycling hour record is a big motivation in itself, it pushes me to do the exercises and to improve as a cyclist. I’m also convinced it will aid me in the process towards total recovery.

But then, why did I set up this website? It’s not because of bragging rights, it’s just that I feel that I need to do it. World needs to know that there exists a superior stroke recovery equipment: recumbent trike. Maybe the recovery experience that I will write about, could provide some comfort for future stroke patients and their families too.

Recumbent bicycles and trikes are easy for a human body, totally unlike standard upright bikes. Excess body weight, back problems, neck problems are all a non-issue for recumbents. And because trikes have three wheels, they are ideal machines for people with all kind of handicaps, like imbalance and coordination problems. You can even ride a recumbent trike if your other leg or hand is misfunctional. And my own experience is that when you start exercising it is a positive spiral in every way, both physically and mentally.